7 quick ways to get rid of bad breath

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7 quick ways to get rid of bad breath, increase confidence on the big day

Sometimes we have important business to contact and negotiate. But accidentally eating food with a strong smell In addition, the smell is still firmly stuck in our mouths. To talk to anyone, I feel insecure. Let’s take a quick look at the technique to get rid of bad breath. Get rid of the problem of bad breath.

Drink water or milk-free tea.

Sometimes when we sit still and quiet for a long time, it can make us salivate. swallowing a lot of saliva or drink a lot of water It can help deodorize the mouth.

If you haven’t done it, it’s not getting better. Let’s see the next step. We definitely won’t let you worry about bad breath.

😊 chewing gum

replace the bad smell with the fragrance of chewing gum In addition to adding fragrance to our mouth It also helps to get rid of food scraps that are thought to be in the corners of our teeth as well.

It’s another great way to get rid of bad breath.

😊 Suck on candy.

This method is similar to chewing gum. but must be careful that The sweetness of candy can make us dry. Then the saliva can be spoiled later. may need to drink a little more water To help us not have bad breath. and not thirsty either

😊 Use mouth spray

The most urgent way Spray a breath deodorant spray to increase the fragrance. Caution is You should choose to use a quality mouth deodorant spray that is safe and can be eaten.

😊 mouthwash,

the first step Try rinsing your mouth with plain water first. Try to push the water to insert it into the grooves of each tooth. Then try to smell your own breath to see if it smells better or not. If it’s still not better, try to do the next step.

😊 Tongue brush

Believe it or not, our bad breath is Part of it comes from white blemishes. that perched on our tongue If we keep brushing our tongue on a regular basis It can reduce bad breath. But mouth-watering food, such as milk, sticks to our tongue so tightly.

Try to find something to brush white blemishes. on our tongues Or if you can carry a toothbrush or tongue scraper, it would be great.

😊 Brush your teeth

the easiest way. If there is a grocery store or minimart nearby Hurry up and buy a toothbrush and toothpaste to brush quickly. This time, it’s clean, confident, and definitely ready to talk to everyone.