How to open makeup tricks not let the face float

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How to open makeup tricks not let the face float

floating face, white face, whiter than neck A problem that bothers many girls who are often teased until they lose their confidence. Today, Goodlife update There is a makeup technique that does not let the face float for the girls.

❤ Test your makeup color on your face instead of your arm.

This is the most important step. Many girls like to test the color of makeup on their arm or wrist. which may cause discrepancies Because sometimes our arms have a different skin color than our face.

In addition, due to the skin type, the amount of sweat, oil, temperature, pores, it may result in using makeup and getting different results from trying it on the arm.

The way to choose cosmetics that are closest to our face is to test the neck or cheek area. In addition to testing the color as close to our skin tone as possible. Can also test to cover dark spots. uneven skin Wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes and covering pores as well.

❤ Test the color of cosmetics in different lighting conditions.

Sometimes, just testing cosmetics at the counter is not enough to make a purchase decision. We should try to walk out and see our own faces in other lighting conditions, such as outdoor lighting conditions. light conditions in the house in order to see the results of makeup more clearly

❤ Opt for light makeup.

If we fanfare the whole skin cream Both sunscreen, foundation and various cosmetics. Applying it on many layers of the surface may cause the results to come out. look heavy And make our faces look whiter than our actual skin.

Try to use makeup that has a light texture. absorbed into the skin quickly and not whiter than our actual skin. โปรโมชั่น ufabet

❤ Beware of color-dropped cosmetics.

Before choosing to buy foundation, loose powder, translucent powder or solid powder, both mixed with foundation. and not mixed with foundation We should try to decorate then live all day long to see which color would best suit our five leaves over time Has the color dropped? Because when the color cosmetics drop down will make our faces look dull Not as beautiful and bright as when it was newly completed

misconception One of the ways of using color-dropped cosmetics is when some people accidentally buy color-dropped cosmetics and feel regret. I don’t dare to give it to anyone. keep trying to use Even if the color doesn’t match our skin tone. Some people use facial makeup to look whiter than the actual facial skin just in case. with the intention that when the cosmetic color drops It will drop down until it fits with our actual skin tone.

in fact The chance that the cosmetic color will drop down to be close to our skin tone is difficult. With the weather, temperature and our skin condition each day. All of them are factors that cause cosmetic color to drop at different levels.

The best solution is to make sure to test before buying and when accidentally buying color-dropped cosmetics. I decided to stop using it better.

❤ After putting on makeup, don’t forget to apply your neck.

when we apply foundation Apply the powder to your face. Don’t forget to apply it on our neck. Our face and neck will have a harmonious color, not look too white, floating until the seam is clearly visible, making us feel less confident.

❤ Solve immediate problems with Bronzer.

If we accidentally put on makeup until our face looks whiter than our neck To wash your face and apply new makeup is a waste of time. We can solve urgent problems by brushing the bronzer lightly all over the face. will become a dull face, not bright, just swipe lightly to make the face look a little darker focusing on the bridge of the nose and under the cheekbones to add a little more dimension to the face This is all beautiful and ready to leave the house.