How to Play Dragon Tiger Online?

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As we mentioned earlier. Dragon Tiger Online is a simplified baccarat game. In which there are two fields on the table – Dragon vs Tiger. It is played with the help of a 52-card deck. Two cards are drawn, one for each field. They will be placed face up and the team with the highest card wins. (either Dragon or Tiger). A thing to note is that the numerical order of the cards is that Aces are the lowest while King is highest.

It is a very simple game to understand and play. Dragon Tiger Live is one of the most popular online casino games. It also comes with the highest house edge out of all. Starting at 3.73% and getting higher on the Tie bet. UFABET Speaking of Dragon Tiger bets.

You can see which ones you can make below:

  • The Tiger (1:1 Odds)
  • The Dragon (1:1 Odds)
  • Tie (1:8 Odds)
  • Side Bets (Odd/Even and Suits)

So let’s talk more about the bets that you can place while playing Dragon Tiger online. As you can probably tell. The first two types are pretty much self-explanatory. You can either place a wager on Tiger or Dragon. They share 1 to 1 betting odds and are simple enough. The third bet type is called Tie and this is when you place your money on the off-chance. That the strength of the cards in both fields is identical. That’s why the odds with this bet are 1 to 8. Bear in mind that the house edge is higher when you place this type of wager.

The fourth entry in the list of bets is not much of a bet type but an addition to the three main ones. You can place different side bets until the 50th round of each game. After that point, you will not be allowed to make side bets. You can place an additional wager on the chance of the card in your field of choice (Dragon vs Tiger) being either an odd or an even number. But not both. Additionally, you can also place a Suits side bet where you gamble on which of the four suits. (club, spade, heart or diamonds) the card will belong to.