Leeds United 0 – Manchester United 2.

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Manchester United scored twice from Marcus Rashford and Alejandro Carnacho in the final 10 minutes to beat Leeds United 2-0.

Leeds started the game first when Max Wober opened for Patrick Bamford to shoot and save De Gea into Cresencio Summerville’s way. Followed by a shot over the crossbar indifferently.

The 20th minute is the place for the Red Devils, Jadon Sancho flows into the penalty area for Bruno Fernandes to enter the second row. But the ball fell off the far post.

In the 43rd minute. Leeds almost scored a goal when Cresencio Summerville Came to pick up the orange drop. Hit close range, but De Gea still saved it. 

In the first half stoppage time. Manchester United should have had a goal too much. Wober passed the ball in his own half, Bruno Fernandes snatched the ball off single-handedly into the box. But Illan Meslier was still saved the team.

In the second half.

Leeds had a chance to win in the 47th minute when Cresencio Summerville Turn the ball towards the mouth of the goal and shoot with the right in front of the penalty area, causing De Gea to rush and brush it out of the back UFABET 

Yung Thong had another good chance in the 51st minute, Luke Eling collected a right-footed volley in front of the penalty area. The ball deflected over Luke Shaw’s leg, slightly out of range.

The Red Devils should have taken the lead in the 63rd minute from a ball played by Luke Shaw on the left side before it reached Fred, then crossed for Dalot to catch before shoving with the right in front of the penalty area. The ball hit the crossbar hard.

The next 2 minutes were still United’s chances, Vaughn Weghorst flowed back to Fred to catch and spun with the left in front of the penalty area and crossed the crossbar.

But Leeds also found a nice chance of my own constantly. The ball from the corner, Georgie Rutter hits the far post, Luke Eling takes a somersault shot. But the ball went straight to De Gea.

The defenders had a golden opportunity in the 78th minute. Shaw intercepted the ball badly, causing Summerville. Slipped through the penalty area on the right to shoot a narrow angle, but De Gea could still use his legs to save.

But 2 minutes later.

It became Manchester United, leading 1-0. Sabitzer threw a cross on the left side for Shaw to take down and open it into the penalty area for Marcus Rashford to tackle the net.

United escaped 2-0 in the 85th minute as Leeds lost the ball midfield, before Weghorst gave Alejandro Carnacho a quick pass to steer Robin Kok into the penalty area. on the left side and shot to hit the first square pole in the bounce into the door

In the 90th minute, the Red Devils came to send the ball tucked into the bottom of the net again. Bruno Fernandes stabbed through for Rashford to drop and shoot with the right into the corner of the goal. But the linesman raised the offside flag. while VAR showed that he was really offside.

During the 4th minute stoppage time. The visiting team sent the ball into the goal again from Weghorst, but it was clearly offside. Manchester United won the game 2-0 against Leeds United.