Maguire puts Manchester United before himself.

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Manchester United captain Harry Maguire has insisted that the team prioritizes himself whether he plays or not. After referring to the real start in the game winning Leeds United 2-0.

“Victory is the most important thing. I am the captain of the team. And I put the team before myself. Whether I play or not I want my team to win and success. So it’s been a good season so far. There is still much to improve. And in the big games as well. But it’s good to come here, keep clean sheets and win. It’s a good game for the fans.

“We know that Elland Road is a difficult course. There are times when they have momentum. and get into the game quickly from both halves. But we focus We know our quality will be achieved. So we know we have to fight. And fight in every stroke and don’t let the ball go into our net.” UFABET

“Must give credit to the children and their spirits. We know this win is important to the fans. How much of our We didn’t get it in the middle of the week. We were disappointed and we knew today was an eye wash and we got that.” Maguire said.