Vidic praised the outstanding Leesandro.

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Former Manchester United defender Nemanja Vidic has praised Leesandro Martinez for his outstanding performances at the club. Despite his recent move to the club this season.

The Argentina international quickly became a fan favorite with his approachable play. And help raise the team’s defensive game to be more aggressive. Which Vidich admires the new star of the team without fail

“Lesandro has only been with the team for six months but has done brilliantly. He brings energy to the team. He likes to defend. And He seems to enjoy playing in England. He’s a great signing,” said Vidic.

“Varane is an experienced player. He had a bit of an injury problem. But of course I think he still has a lot to go through. The more they play together, the more I’m even more delighted with what Leesandro did when he came to the club.UFABET

“There were some issues where people were concerned about whether he could play in England. But as a former player and a defender I am really happy with the way he plays. Especially the power he gave to the team. aggression and a winning spirit.”

Although in the 2022 World Cup, Martinez will not play as the main player in every match, but he has played an important role in helping Argentina break through the top teams. until the final round And was able to overcome the penalty. France national team win the championship in a grand way